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FAQ: Graphics Problems with v4 (07/02/08)

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:29 pm    Post subject: FAQ: Graphics Problems with v4 (07/02/08) Reply with quote

There are several reasons you could be having graphics problems, and several solutions.

Q1: I just get a blank screen / I just get a window with black / I get a blank screen with a ticking sound

A1: You need the latest Directx. Update your directX here :

Or download the full DirectX install here :

Q2: I get a blank screen / window with black, but i have the latest directx already

A2: If you don't have a 3d graphics chip/card, or your graphics chip is not designed for running the latest games, then you don't have enough resources to run SimTractor. If you have a 3d graphics card like an Nvidia or ATi, then You need to upgrade your graphics drivers.

Firstly, find out what graphics card you have, by going to start -> run -> type "dxdiag" and press enter. (On vista, search the start menu for the run command)

Then, switch to the 'display' tab. The detail you need is the "Manufacturer" and "Chip Type" part in the "device" box.

Here you see i have an Nvidia Ge-force 7300GS, with approximate total memory (VRAM) of 1.5GB..

You need to google these details to find the manufacturer's website, and then find the latest drivers. It is most likely that you have an ATi or Nvidia card.

ATi Graphics drivers: http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html
Nvidia graphics drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us

Q3: I get graphics errors / the floor moves up when i drive / i can see through some fields

A3: your graphics card cannot handle shaders, so you need to set your crops to "2d" and then turn off shaders in the "screen options" menu..

Q4: The game is very laggy / the game is jerky / some buttons don't respond when i press them / i get a low fps

A4: turn down your details -> "3d very high" is needs alot of computer resources... So start with "3d low" and then increase the level of detail untill you reach the maximum.

You can also lower the Draw Distance too (f9 and f10). This limits how far you can see; the further you can see, the more 'lagg' you will get, so try the same as with the detail settings (start low, increase until you get problems). Try this too with the Anti-Alias (F11, f12). Anti-alias gives things more rounded edges, but also causes 'lagg'.

Q5: Some parts of the game are white / some things have no textures and the game is very laggy

A5: You don't have enough VRAM (graphics memory) to run SimTractor. You need 64mb minimum, but 128mb or higher is recommended. Remember, the more machines and skins you have, the more MB of VRAM you need....

The amount of Vram you have can also be found in Dxdiag, see Q2.

Q6: How do i find out my graphics detail / how many MB is my graphics card

A6: Checkout question Q2, after "Firstly, find out what graphics card you have..."

Q7: How can i improve performance with Vista

A7: Vista is using more ressources than Windows XP.
- Disable the 3D features for vista (like Areo style,..).
- Close all the running programs (like antivirus, gadgets,..) before starting SimTractor.
- Update your graphic card driver.
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